Advice: How to choose your curtain fabric

Curtain fabrics can come in a wide array of textures, patterns and colours, allowing you to complement or contrast with your existing décor. Whether you prefer luxurious velvet for a formal living room or breezy linen for a relaxed vibe in a bedroom, the right fabric can elevate the overall style of the room and create a cohesive look that pulls the room together.
The characteristics of each fabric vary, meaning some are suited better than others, not just for how they look but also, for how they’ll perform.
  • Cotton fabrics or cotton blends are the most common type of material for curtains and are versatile fabrics to use. Available in a variety of stylish prints or convenient plains, they tend to be lighter in weight so lining the fabric not only helps them hang better but will help block out light.
  • Linen fabrics create a wonderfully relaxed, informal style and are ideal for adding softness to your interior. Although it may be prone to creasing, linen itself is an extremely durable and practical fabric, its natural fibres being three times stronger than cotton.
  • Wool fabric is becoming a popular choice for curtains, perfect for adding warmth and cosiness. The thermal properties of wool help with insulation against drafts, helping to maintain a comfortable temperature inside the room no matter the weather.
  • Sheer fabrics should no longer be associated with the traditional net curtains you may remember! Allowing soft, diffused light to filter through, sheer or voile curtains create an airy atmosphere in rooms that may only require a little privacy. A contemporary and stylish alternative that can be added in addition to fuller curtains for a cohesive look.
Some helpful hints!
  • Consider how much light you’d like your curtains to let through. Cotton or cotton blend curtains unlined will allow regular backlight from the daylight coming through.
  • Consider fading. Choosing to line curtains will help with the longevity of your fabric. Alternatively, go for a linen fabric or choose natural colours that will show up the fade less than darker colours.
  • Cotton fabric is much easier to clean, and more durable than some alternatives.
  • Heavyweight characteristics of wool and velvet naturally retain heat and help keep out unwanted light.
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