Highlight on: Railroaded Fabric

Railroaded fabrics can be a great choice if you're looking to make life that little easier!

A number of our double width fabrics from Foy & Co Interiors would be described as being railroaded. This simply means that the pattern runs across the width of the roll, from selvage to selvage (rather than running up the length of the roll).

Don't let this put you off, there are many benefits to railroaded, double width fabrics, particulalry for larger projects. For larger items of furniture a railroaded design makes it possible to upholster without the need for seams giving a more professional finish. For curtains, if your drop and turnings are 280cm or less, you will have the added benefit of not having to join the fabric, meaning no noticeable join and an easier make.

If you have chosen a railroaded double-width fabric, this will affect the quantities you require. Remember, as you'll need to turn the fabric to achieve a vertical pattern, your width (280cm) will become the drop, and the length of fabric ordered becomes the width. You can drop us a message if you need some reassurance on quantity to order!